Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Silks, trees and longing

In August, Brighton was host to the first European Aerial Dance Forum in England. This was an amazing opportunity to train all day in various disciplines, several of which (harness and cocoon) I had never tried before as my focus has been on corde lisse. The teachers were fantastic, encouraging and clear, and my strength was at an all time high by the end.
The most satisfying part for me was improvising (French teacher and perforer Fred Deb had us imagine we were surrounded by mosquitoes) on the rope during create lab sessions. Often confidence is just as important as muscle and technical ability. Feeling free enough in the air to begin to create...what a gift!

Later, in the Lake District, I was able to practice some cocoon moves on my straps (which are actually for rigging, but prove a useful, if slightly painful, training tool as well) which I looped over a tree branch. Oh, to have a tree outside my flat! (the sound half way through is my husband nearly slipping into a brook...)

It is strange where the paths of life take us - we choose them from a mere glimpse, from a small longing in the heart which whispers and will not be silenced...No matter where this path leads, the path itself is strewn with remarkable things - dreams realised, amazement at ones-self, transformation - however tiny - and the dappled happiness which comes from knowing we listened to the longing.

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