Sunday, 31 October 2010


I've been very busy these last few weeks, reading lots of exciting books on gender, sexuality, desire and all for the Masters, investigating the possibility of a space to train in Oxford (also very exciting, watch this space for pictures of a delighted me dangling in my own home town!) and being an extra in a new film by Robin Hardy of The Wicker Man fame. Not to give away too much plot, this involved outdoor Autumnal nudity and being covered in fake (and real) blood. I am hopeful that my naked self might make it into the final edit...

I did find the time to do a strange drawing which I then painted in watercolour. It was definately ill-advised to paint by the orange glow of a single lamp, but I blame the influence of the season for how oddly the thing turned out. Not sure where this character and her rabbits came from... 

I also noticed this little collection of objects on our mantle, framing a rather beautiful photograph of a gargoyle, and felt pleased that I still have time to peer closely at things...and find unplanned and unexpected pockets of art.

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