Thursday, 7 October 2010

Kit Williams and herb paris

Some months ago I met the artist Kit Williams ( who made and buried a golden hare then created a painting puzzle book which was a key to finding it) who asked me to model for Titania in one of his paintings. I said yes, of course, Kit having been an artist who inspired me as a child and Midsummer Nights Dream being my favourite Shakespeare play.
The experience was a very delightful one as Kit is full of stories; myths meeting memories, ancient characters re-imagined, the collision of disparate tales and characters forming something new and wonderful in his work.
After I had moddled the BBC made a documentary retrospective about Kit, which he asked me to be in. Filming is a strange process, very repetative, but fun nonetheless.

One of the stories Kit told to the filmmakers involved his decision during an early stage of the Titania (and Bottom) painting to use herb paris as the plant used to bewitch  Bottom. He had always hoped to find it growing in the wild and in true Kit-style found it for the first time shortly after his decision to include it.
After this I began exploring the relationship between people and plants in my drawing, our preferences for certain ones, the magic stories surrounding others, the effects they have on us...

Our (mine and my partner's) involvement with the documentary also granted us a childhood wish when, whilst at the London exhibition of Kit's recent work, the BBC team unexpectedly unveiled the long-vanished Golden Hare. Through our adventure of meeting Kit we had found it! Well, sort of...


  1. I was very proud of you on telly when I saw this excellent documentary!
    And your drawings Nomi! Wow! You are more patient than me! They're brilliant!
    I'm enjoying your blogging ;)...

  2. I always wanted to know what happened to the Golden Hare, I'm very glad to see it again. This book totally obsessed me when it came out.... I wanted to find the hare soooooo badly. Well done for finding it! :D