Monday, 4 October 2010


This Autumn brings many new beginnings for me; attending Circus Space classes, the starting of a Masters Degree on Wednesday, my marriage on the 24th of September and now beginning this travelogue.
It is my and my new husbands (!) honeymoon which is at the front of my mind this evening.
I am already missing the Lake District - the deep quiet, the lack of people, the lack of anything to do except walk, climb and scramble up mountains, eat good food, play in trees, drink fine mead and other traditional Honeymoon activities...

What will become the wedding thank you card..

Aerial practice in the cottage garden


The cottage we rented


  1. Welcome dear Nomi to the wonderful world of blog! Your drawings are incredible and your honeymoon looks wild and wonderful! :) I look forward to your tale weaving here and wish you much fun and success with it!
    Much love xxx Rima

  2. big fan... big family. :D

    Much love sister!