Friday, 8 October 2010


My interest in aerial circus (or aerial dance) was from the first about its potential as a form of moving sculpture. I became very excited about the possible images, moods and stories which could be created by using my whole body in a new way. To claim the air as a new space in which to explore is not a quick process - much like drawing and painting it takes a great deal of time, patience and hard, hard work. I have been incredibly lucky to find just the right woman to train me, someone who inhabits her body with a depth of grace which still astounds me. I only hope that one day I can find that fluidity in myself!
Until then, here is what I have been working on this week.
I see myself in the air here as a fledgling, a creature still very much in the process of finding its place, but filled with excitement and amazement at what its body can do.

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